Disclaimer: Notice that in this section we share our experience and personal research. We do not claim that our chaga extract is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

The most common use for Chaga extract we found is to be anti-viral, especially in the treatment of the common flu. Chaga does not run the danger of damaging vital organs, such as the liver and the kidneys after prolonged use [more reseach necessary]. Chaga is hypo-allergenic and it is generally very well tolerated. We found that our wild chaga extract from Scandinavia works great as an effective natural treatment and it does not seem to build a tolerance either, which is great news for people who have chronic, so called "incurable" conditions. Please do not assume that you can stop your pharmaceutical drugs when using our Chaga extract. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication regimen.

We have experiences of people taking Chaga extract within the first symptoms of a flu. In 80% of the cases, the flu does not even break out, and if it does, it is very much reduced (in strength), with recovery periods often decreased in length, but if the extract is taken continiously over many years, flus still show up, but they are lingering somewhere behind and not fully breaking out. We recommend stopping the extract every once in a while to go back to base-level and maybe live out a flu, if necessary. 

People who suffer from a high frequency of general immune system attacks can benefit a lot from the continuous use of Wild Chaga extract, especially when combined with crucial life-style changes that isolate and remove trigger factors and reduce toxic input, both on physical and energetic levels. Frequency of viral outbreaks can be dramatically reduced when taking high quality Chaga extract, such as the one we produce and sell on this website. 

Recent scientific findings have pointed to the conclusion that risk of transmission of STD’s, such as Hepatitis, Herpes, and HIV can be dramatically reduced when taking Chaga extract. This probably is also true for the transmission of genitals warts, but it does not mean that while taking Chaga extract, you can have unprotected sex when either infected, or as an infected individual. Nor does it mean that an STD can not be transferred when there are no apparent symptoms present, while taking Chaga or not! Please protect yourself and others, no matter what (you want) and get yourself tested! With ANY fluid exchanges, the risk of transmission is always there!

However, our personal experience is that taking Chaga extract from two times per day, 3-5ml each (every twelve ours) prevents any outbreaks from occuring without building a tolerance to the natural herb over long periods of time.

There are some people who should be careful when taking Chaga mushroom extract that lowers blood sugar levels, making it an interesting option for borderline diabetics to treat onset diabetes naturally. If you would like to try our Chaga Extract for that, make sure to check blood sugar levels thoroughly during the adaptation process. Also, be careful here, because cross interactions with anti-diabetic medications and insulin are possible when taking Chaga extract. Of course, dietary changes and natural liver cleanses are vital to treating diabetes. It is also good to know that Chaga Extract interacts with blood thinner medications such as Asprin and others. Know that your doctor is not allowed to prescribe and could not (officially) allow you to take Chaga Extract, which we sell here only as a food supplement. 

Of course, Chaga also reduces the speed of tumor growth in animals. That has been prooven. 


* Be advised that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.