The Wild Chaga we harvest grows in the most natural, clean, and vibrant place on EARTH: in the mountains of Norway and the forests of Lapland in Sweden and Finnland. The Chaga Extract we provide is made from Wild Scandinavian Chaga and it is of the finest quality. We use spring water and Ethanol (CH3CH2OH) when extracting the ingredients of this potent adaptogen mushroom. The three elements in our extraction process that are our trade-secret enables us to produce some of the most potent and finest Wild Chaga Extract in the world. We ensure the purity of this natural product and harvest only from living birch trees on which these mushrooms grow. The trees are not harmed when removing the Wild Chaga mushrooms. We only harvest mature Chaga Mushrooms such as the one in the picture below, which was harvested four years ago in the mountains of Norway. The following picture is from younger Chaga mushrooms. The mushroom takes 25 years to grow to full maturity. The birch trees typically do not die fro the mushroom's parasitic growths. On the contrary. The mushroom seems to seal the wounds as we have often found drill holes in the trees where the mushroom grew over, just like our body builds a scab. 

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