WWW.WILDCHAGA.NET is an online store. Our manufacturing facility is in Scandinavia. For wholesale enquiries, contact us via email.

The Wild Chaga we harvest grows in the most natural, clean, and vibrant place on EARTH: in the mountains of Norway and the forests of Sweden. Chaga mushrooms can be found roaming for days through endless Scandinavian forests. The Chaga Extract we provide is made from Wild Scandinavian Chaga and it is of the finest quality. We use pure spring water and Ethanol (CH3CH2OH) when extracting this adaptogen mushroom. There are other elements in our extraction process that is our trade-secret which leads us to produce some of the most potent and finest Wild Chaga Extact there is. We ensure the purity of this natural product and only harvest from living birches on which these mushrooms grow. The trees are not harmed when removing the Wild Chaga mushrooms.